At SLARK GmbH we design electronic and mechanic
solutions to your problem Problemlösungen.

Our designs are practical and safe, reliable and beautiful. We value you as our customer and focus on making your life easier. Wir understand you and the problem and can read between the lines to find the solution, that you really require.

About the founder

Bartosch Slomak has over 20 years’ experience in IT and the manufacturing industry. He has the ability to clearly analyse and identify connections and to step-by-step find a suitable solution. This allows him to develop products, which are perfectly tailored to their application or use.
The complexity of a lot of products and package solutions on the market makes their use very difficult, where they really should ‘just’ fulfil their purpose.
But solutions that suggest a straight forward and beautiful design, need a strong engineering back ground, structure and plenty of experience. If the product appears effortless and elegant almost like magic – that is what makes a great product!

„Listening to your ideas and solutions…it all sounds so easy!“…Bart hears that a lot. And the results speak for themselves!

About the founder

Bartosch Slomak hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich IT und in der fertigenden Industrie. Seine Fähigkeit, Zusammenhänge klar zu identifizieren und zu benennen um dann Schritt für Schritt die passende Lösung zu finden erlaubt es ihm, Produkte zu entwickeln, die ideal auf die Anwendung zugeschnitten sind.
Die Komplexität heutiger Produkte und Gesamtlösungen erschwert oft den Umgang mit Geräten, die eigentlich „einfach nur“ ihren Zweck erfüllen sollten.
Aber Lösungen, die gradlinig und schön wirken, benötigen im Hintergrund ein starkes Engineering, klare Strukturen und viel Erfahrung. Wenn alles ganz leicht wirkt und wie von Zauberhand von statten geht – dann ist ein Produkt wirklich gut!
„Wenn man Ihnen zuhört klingt das alles so einfach!“…das hört Bart oft. Und das Ergebnis überzeugt!

„Listening to your ideas and solutions…it all sounds so easy!“…Bart hears that a lot. And the results speak for themselves!

Innovative company powered by
a creative engineering team

Because we can!

Developing and designing mechanical and electrical products plus their software. Explore solutions in a different way and adopt moral responsibility. (We shouldn’t invent everything we can!) Our solutions are practical and have purpose – not like they have ‘always’ been done. Produced in large quantities, but still bespoke and tailored to requirements. Practical and still beautiful. Functionality and style in perfect co-existence! Our first product keeps your passwords save – OFFLINE!

SLARK GmbH was founded by Bart Slomak in 2017.
An innovative company that builds clever solutions in style. Not science fiction, but still magical! Our drive is the possibility to change the world, creativity is our reward, economics our craft. We live for the fascination of inspiring technical solutions. Just because we can! With knowledge also comes responsibility. Our products are sustainable and tailored to the specific requirements of our clients (to the best of our ability and environmental guidelines)

Our new product typewriter1 guarantees the save and OFFLINE storage of passwords and other sensitive data. Take back the control over your own personal data!

At Slark…

we do things differently.
Because we can!

…we put our clients first

Our products are functional and safe, reliable and beautiful. We value our clients and fully focus on the solution of your requirements. Anything goes in terms of design and helping you making daily life easier.

…Ideas and design are at the heart of what we do

Development of functional electronic gadgets, that give freedom, independence and awareness. We create attractive and interesting solutions, which are simple and practical. We approach projects independently, away from common technology trends and go against ‘it has always been done this way’.

…we have a clear vision

We develop solutions that have a magical purpose, without violating someone’s privacy. We are able to do this, because we understand how the world works without chasing every trend going.

product overview

Offline is safe! Don’t let THE CLOUD pinch your data…

Offline is good. Offline is real. Offline is in your pocket.

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